Engage Your Kids

Children love to play and explore in the natural world. Look for opportunities to involve your kids in family sustainability activities. Whether digging in the garden together, feeding composting worms, or joining a neighborhood clean-up day, you can have fun while helping the planet.

Community Actions

Grow a Vegetable

See the wonder in your children's eyes! You don't have to start a garden to teach a child how to grow food. Just pick one vegetable that you know your child likes, like carrots or tomatoes. Get some seeds, or a starter plant, and choose a sunny spot. Caring for this plant will educate your child about how things grow. How proud they'll be when they see what they grew all by themselves.

Time Your Shower

Ready, set, bathe! Most children could spend all day playing in the shower or bath. Make saving water fun by turning it into a game. Once your child is old enough, set up a competition to see who can let as little water as possible run down that drain. Teach them that showers use less water than baths, and shorter showers are best. Set a five-minute timer and see if they can "beat the clock." Sweeten the pot by letting them know that if they make the time all week, they will get a reward.

Create an Eco-Checklist

Help your children be green superstars by giving them a few small tasks each week that they can do to help the environment. These should be things that they can do by themselves - like turning off the lights in their rooms or shutting off the water while brushing their teeth. Create a chart with green checks or stars to track their success and, at the end of the week, celebrate their accomplishments.