Green Your Commute

To green your commute, there are a range of options available that are good for your pocketbook and good for the planet. County employees can do their part by using the green fleet for work-related activities whenever possible. Other easy options include carpooling to work, taking the train for weekend trips, or riding your bike to run errands. You don't have to give up your car every day, but carpooling or biking even once or twice a week helps reduce your environmental impact. If we each do our small part, collectively we can make a difference.

Employee Actions

Use Our Green Fleet

The County's green fleet is standing by to transport you in comfort for business-related car trips while protecting the environment. We have 156 hybrid vehicles and 119 partial zero emission vehicles (PZEV) — use them for all work-related travel. They are easy to reserve with the on-line reservation system. You might be surprised to learn that 27 percent of the County's greenhouse gas emissions are from employees commuting to work and conducting County business in personal vehicles.

Sign Up for a Bike Locker

Are rising gas prices getting you down? By riding your bike to work once a week instead of driving, you can lower your commuting costs and reduce your carbon footprint. It is good for the planet, your health, and your wallet. The Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) has mapped out bikeways for bicycle commuters and GSA offers free bike lockers to employees who ride to work at least once a week. Click here to apply for a bike locker.

Get Preferential Parking — Carpool!

Get VIP parking, save money on gas, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by carpooling to work. Team up with at least one other employee to share a regular ride to work and register your carpool to qualify for a preferential parking space. Preferred spaces are limited.

Don't have a carpool buddy? VCTC can help you find carpooling opportunities. Simply fill out a registration form, and VCTC will help match you with a carpool. Through the Countywide Guaranteed Ride Home Program, if you ever miss your bus or carpool because of working late, etc., your taxi fare will be reimbursed (with certain restrictions).

Take Public Transportation

When you take public transportation to commute, you can now pay with pre-tax dollars! With the Transportation Benefit Reimbursement Account Program all regular and part-time County employees may set up payroll deductions to reimburse their qualified public transit commuting expenses (i.e., train, bus, etc.) with pre-tax earnings. Save 30 percent or more in transit costs by taking advantage of federal and state tax breaks.

There is no use it or lose it penalty. Unused balances can be rolled over from month to month or year to year (within the same account and subject to plan maximums).