About Us


To establish Ventura County, its communities, and neighboring regions as leaders in developing and implementing sustainable initiatives that support sensible growth, healthy environment and economy, enhanced quality of life, inclusion and equity, and greater self-reliance for the region. 


Build sustainability in Ventura County through dynamic and collaborative initiatives that rely on strategic goals, leveraging public and private partnerships, and capitalizing on areas of opportunity.  

Team and Staff

Our Initiatives

The Division administers the $48 million Tri-County Regional Energy Network (3C-REN) program on behalf of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties.   

The 3C-REN was established to deliver energy-saving programs and industry trainings that will help reduce energy use, strengthen local job markets, and support efforts to achieve climate goals.  Learn more about the outstanding work being accomplished by the 3C-REN program at 3c-ren.org.  

The Division administers the Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance (VCREA), a Joint Powers Authority comprised of public agencies working in collaboration with various entities in the region to collectively preserve and enhance our community.   

VCREA works closely with regional partners, assisting them with Energy Action Planning, the Green Business Program, Electric Vehicle and Mobility Programs, and Technical Assistance.   

VCREA is funded by the California Energy Commission and the Utilities.  For more information about the great work being performed by VCREA staff, please visit vcenergy.org.   

Located within the County Executive Office, the Sustainability Division works on a variety of issues including coordination of the County’s Sustainability Committee, which is comprised of County departments and agencies working to ensure that all County facilities meet efficiency goals and are resilient with regard to climate change impacts; management of the Ventura County Climate Emergency Council; and implementation of the County of Ventura’s Climate Action Plan. 

Learn more about the Ventura County Climate Emergency at ventura.org/vccecor view the County’s Climate Action Plan which is contained in the 2040 General Plan at vcrma.org/ventura-county-general-plan. 

Our Partners