Climate Action Plan Implementation & Reporting

In 2020, the Ventura County 2040 General Plan was adopted by the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and established a community Climate Action Plan (CAP) with the intended goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions  and mitigate climate change impacts. The purpose of the CAP is to identify and reduce community GHG emissions from existing and future activities and sources within the unincorporated areas of Ventura County. The CAP is  consistent with the County’s commitment to address climate change and work towards a more sustainable community by reducing GHG emissions. 

This webpage includes the Ventura County 2040 General Plan-including the County’s Climate Action Plan (CAP)-and the Program Environmental Impact Report for the Ventura County 2040 General Plan which contains the 2015 baseline emissions inventory for the portion of the general plan that makes up the County’s Climate Action Plan. 

The County of Ventura’s Climate Action Plan is woven throughout the County’s 2040 General Plan and is available online at Sections of the 2040 General Plan with details related to the CAP can be found at:

FY2021-22 Budget and Staffing Plan for CAP Implementation (PDF)

November 2021, County Executive Office staff presented the FY2021-22 Budget and Staffing Plan for Climate Action Plan Implementation to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors. The report was created in collaboration with all agencies that have CAP-related implementation programs assigned to them in the County of Ventura’s 2040 General Plan. The report focuses on the anticipated costs, labor, and resource needs for FY2021-22. This report is intended to inform the County’s Board of Supervisors on anticipated needs for allocating resources to departments responsible for CAP-related program implementation.

The report estimates that the County’s cost of implementing CAP-related programs will be $5.9M in FY2021-22. In FY2021-22, $2.9M or 50% of the total costs are expected to be funded from the General Fund. However, the implementation programs include both existing ($2.2M) and new ($717K) funding allocations. The balance of funding, $3.0M, is expected to come from a combination of other sources including revenue offsets and permitting activities, grants, impact fees, or other funding mechanisms. Federal, state, or regional grants over and above the figures in this report are anticipated as additional revenue sources to partially fund CAP-related programs, although the expected amounts are speculative.

Of the 81 CAP-related implementation programs, 36 (44%) have already been initiated or completed while 45 (56%) remain uninitiated. Amongst the programs that remain uninitiated are those that are due to be initiated by 2025, those due to be implemented after 2025, and those that are sequential in nature whose implementation is contingent on another program’s progress.

Ventura County Climate Emergency Council

The Ventura County Climate Emergency Council (VCCEC) is a citizen advisory body that advises the Ventura County Board of Supervisors on climate action planning and implementation of the Climate Action Plan (CAP) goals, policies, and programs.

Ventura County Tree Planting Program


The County of Ventura’s Tree Planting Program is managed jointly by the County Executive Office – Sustainability Division, General Services Agency, and Resource Management Agency. Activities in this program support an annual tree planting target by these agencies and broader goals of increasing tree canopy across Ventura County.

Activities of this program include growing and stewarding tree canopy at County facilities and parks, facilitating community tree planting events, managing the County’s Tree Mitigation Fund Distribution Program, and creating a network of tree planting and urban forestry organizations in Ventura County to ensure that tree canopy coverage improves in areas where it is needed most. 

Employee Impact Reduction Program


The Sustainability Division administers a program targeted at engaging County employees to reduce their impacts in the workplace. This program includes the quarterly Sustainability Newsletter, Sustainability Brown Bag Lunch Series, Sustainability Committee, Cyclemania events and activities, and other actions. County employees can visit the Sharepoint site at to learn more. 

Community Event
Sustainability Division staff at an Adopt-A-Tree event in Nyeland Acres