Ventura, CA – The County of Ventura is joining hundreds of organizations to celebrate California Clean Air Day leading up to and on Wednesday, October 5th. California Clean Air Day encourages individuals, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to take action to improve air quality and protect public health by inviting people to pledge to make a different and uniting to take action. More information is available at

County employees can join the effort by taking the Clean Air Day Pledge and committing to clear the air by taking action. Clean Air Day organizers reported that last year 1.8 million people across California took approximately 3.4 million actions to help improve air quality. Employees who choose to take the Pledge can help by planting a tree, participating in a local California Clean Air Day event, taking alternative transportation like public transit or cycling, or taking other actions. 

What is California Clean Air Day?

California Clean Air Day joins people’s shared experiences on air quality and unites people to take action to protect community health. Through a day of collective action, new habitats can emerge that will have an impact on clearing the air shared by all of Californians.

How Can You Take Action to Protect Our Air?

  • Find a Clean Air Day event at,
  • Sponsor or host a Clean Air Day event – details available at,
  • Plant a tree,
  • Take public transit,
  • Walk or bike to work,
  • Turn off your car engine when not in use,
  • Turn off the air conditioner and open windows instead, or 
  • Read more about California Clean Air Day for more ways to protect our air.

California Clean Air Day events provided with support from the Coalition for Clean Air and offered in collaboration with partners from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme, Ventura County Resource Conservation District, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura, and University of California Cooperative Extension.