Employee Events, Opportunities, and Newsletters

County employees can learn more about the Sustainability Division’s programs and County of Ventura’s sustainable initiatives and resources by attending events and reading the Division’s newsletters. Visit the Employee Employee Sustainability Hub – an employee-only Sharepoint site – to register and learn more.

Resources & Special Events

Held on the third Thursday of each month, the Sustainability Brown Bag Lunch series will feature sustainable initiatives and programs that the Sustainability division and other agencies are doing. County employees will learn how they can benefit from these programs to have a more sustainable lifestyle. View the Sharepoint site to sign up and receive the latest updates. 

2022 Presentation Recordings

The Sustainability Division sends out quarterly newsletters featuring the latest programs, events, and campaigns that the division is doing. View the latest newsletter by visiting the Employee Sustainability Hub.

County employees are invited to celebrate National Bike Month this May with Cyclemania – a month full of events for employees that highlight biking and active transportation such as ways for employees to green their commute, take advantage of the commuter benefits available to County employees, and learn about the health benefits associated with being active. Visit the Employee Sustainability Hub to view and sign up for the events.

Green Your Commute

The County of Ventura has various commuter benefits for employees to green their commute. County employees can use GSA’s electric vehicles in their motorpool for work-related activities whenever possible. County employees can get preferential parking when they carpool with a carpool parking permit. Those who are interested in cycling to work can use the County’s bike lockers to store during work hours. The County also offers the Transportation Benefits Reimbursement Program for employees to set aside pretax dollars to spend on public transportation costs.

Visit County of Ventura’s Human Resources Commuter Benefits page and about the Transportation Benefit Reimbursement Program to learn more about how you can use County benefits to green your commute. 

Green Your Workspace

Recycle paper, cans, plastic, bottles, and glass right at your desk by obtaining a Recycle All Paper (RAP) box for your office. All recyclables can be mixed together and will be separated at the recycling center. You can keep the RAP box under your desk for easy access, and when it is full, empty it into the nearest blue recycling bin.

To get a RAP box or a blue recycling bin, contact the GSA Dispatch (805) 654-3878.

Learn how to Recycle by reading GSA’s recycling brochure or watching  this video

Take the Recycling Pledge

Commit to do your part to protect the environment by signing the GSA Recycling Pledge. Your signature is a voluntary promise to recycle and reduce waste and shows that you place a high priority on the environment. Click here to download a copy of the GSA recycling pledge and return via email to cyndy.taschman@ventura.org.

Recycle Batteries

Batteries can release toxic chemicals if they are sent to a landfill, so when it comes time to dispose of batteries, recycle them in The Big Green Box (TBGB) in your office. If your area needs a TBGB, send a request to GSAStore.surplus@ventura.org. Include the following information: number of boxes needed; brown mail location number; and your name and agency/department name.

Recycle Toner Cartridges

Remember to recycle your toner cartridges. It is an easy way to reduce waste and keep the cartridges out of our landfills. If you purchase remanufactured toner cartridges from Staples, they will pick them up for recycling directly from your office. For other vendors, call and request a pick up or mail the cartridges back with the label they supply. Consider tasking one person in the office to collect and recycle cartridges.

Purchase items that follow the County’s Green Purchasing program

Sustainability Committee

The County of Ventura Sustainability Committee promotes sustainable best practices in County operations. Components of the Sustainability Committee’s leadership in sustainability include, but are not limited to, reducing the use of energy and water, minimizing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, natural resource preservation and management, waste stream reduction, integrated pest management, green construction and green procurement.

The Sustainability Committee’s members are committed to integrating sustainable impacts in all of our practices, evaluating sustainability initiatives qualitatively and quantitatively, promoting sustainability among all County departments, agencies, and business partners, publicly sharing our sustainability efforts and continually improving our sustainability efforts as aligned with the County’s Service Excellence Program, Strategic Plan, and General Plan.

The Committee functions in an advisory capacity to the County Executive Officer (CEO), on matters pertaining to sustainability at the County of Ventura. Recommendations may include policy changes, investments, goals, legislative agenda inputs, or actions that will further the sustainability posture of the County. The Committee will also make recommended changes to the County Strategic Plan when needed to ensure sustainability actions and measures are transparent and aligned across all agencies/departments. The Committee provides policy recommendations to the CEO related to sustainability goals and objectives. Finally, the committee provides periodic presentations and reporting to the Board of Supervisors regarding progress on the County’s greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, review of sustainability actions, and related activities and result.